Let's Join to Our La Familia!

Virelmedia is a Bandung based fast-growing video agency that focused in creating high quality ads for SME and enterprise businesses.

We are commited to contribute, anticipate, and fulfilling the needs of our partners by offering them a problem-solving based infused creative work.

We’re looking for: 


Let’s talk about the BENEFIT when you’re working with us

1. Salary, Tell us your dream salary. We won't lower your offer

If we can’t fulfill your dream salary, we simply won’t reply your email, rather than have to lower your dream salary. It’s your right and we respect that.

Therefore, because we accept your offer, we will ask you to work full time with us, no other project, no side work beside RISE Quarters.

2. Partial Remote Team - Work wherever you want*

“Work in a place that makes you happy” is our motto.

We’re not the “office” guy and we truly believe that there are so many talented people across this country.

So, it’s your choice, work from home? Coffee shop? Working Space? As long as you getting things done and meet our standard, you can work anywhere.

*You only expected to have face to face meeting with us when discussing important stuff.

3. Near Zero Interuption

We respect your time. We believe that you’re a responsible adult that will keep our trust. Although we do not supervise your work directly, we believe you will work whenever you have to.

It’s your choice whether you want to work in the morning, evening, or midnight. What matter to us is your work done quickly and you’re responsible with the result.

We rate your work from the speed and result, not on how you working on it.

4. Travel Bonuses

Life is about the balance of work and fun we had. And when we talk about fun, we truly mean it. When we achieved our goal as a team, you’ll get a team trip because you deserved it.

5. Humanize the human

We truly believe in the idea that every person have a lot of potential for the team.

We also believe that in order to let the talent grow, you need to nurture the mind and mental health.

It’s known that in high pressure creative industry, people has suffered mental health problem and the industry are doing nothing about it.

In Virelmedia, we put our team mental health as our top concern for the performance, we believe that we’re leading the change for creative industry.

What are we looking for:

  • Based in Bandung/willing to work in Bandung.
  • Man/Female aged 22-30 years old.
  • Diploma (D3) and Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Composing offering letter/pitch deck/proposal for corporate clients.
  • Attending pitch deck or client meetup for business deals.

This role will be responsible for handling big corporate clients which require a lot of bureaucracy work in a professional manner. 

You will collaborate and work closely with our business stakeholder and handling multiple company under Virelmedia.

This is your chance to join with us. A great family of talent that helps you experience constant growth within yourself.

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